iOS 11.3 brings new Animojis, battery management

Plenty to look forward to in the upcoming update

Apple has announced details of its iOS 11.3 update that will be available come Spring.

Animojis for everyone

For lovers of iPhone X Animojis, four new ones have been added - a lion, dragon, bear and skull.

Following the Batterygate debacle, Apple is also including a slew of changes for iPhone 6 and later that offer more transparency when it comes to the devices' management of battery life. For instance, users will be able to see a power management feature that handles optimal performance - and choose whether or not they want to turn it off.

Battery health will also be visible, and recommendations will be given if a battery needs to be serviced.

For developers, ARKit 1.5 will add recognition and placement for virtual objects on vertical subjects, and camera recognition will have 50 per cent greater resolution.

Apple Music will come with added support for music video playlists, and there is an indication of more music video content coming to the platform soon.

No exact date for the release as yet - stay tuned for more.