iOS 11.1 update will bring even more emojis our way

There's always room for more emoji

Check out some of the cool new emoji heading to your iPhone, Apple Watch and Macs later this year - just in time for iOS 11.

UPDATE 09/10/2017: iOS 11.01 is getting more new emoji for those who can't get enough. Not one, not two, but hundreds of emoji. Some of these emojis were already announced on World Emoji Day such as the Zombie, Person in Lotus Position as well as Sandwich and Coconut. A highlight is Apple's Love-You Gesture, modelled after the sign language hand sign for "I love you" in American Sign Language.

The shower emoji, pie emoji as well as the swearing emoji are likely to be hits and there's a vampire emoji as well - let's hope the update comes out before Halloween. What's slightly amusing is that a Chinese takeaway box as well as wonton are also part of the emoji crowd. It certainly makes asking people if they want to order Chinese takeout easier.

To get a preview of the new emoji, check out the public beta that will be out this week. Do be aware that since it's a beta version there might be the odd bug so download at your own risk.


Some of our personal favourites are the T-Rex, zombie and the ‘exploding head’ smiley. Other notable emoji include a women in a headscarf, a barfing smiley and a sandwich, so you aptly describe yesterday's Subway lunch break. 

And there was also a full-on emoji takeover on iTunes Movies, featuring emoji in place of some movie titles as part of World Emoji Day.

We’ve picked out a number of them for you to guess below. What better way to start work productively today (or drag your whole office into it for a trivia hour).