The ION360 U 360-camera comes with its own battery

The unique case means you won't drain your battery in the search for 360-degree perfection

360-degree cameras are fast becoming a fun new accessory for smartphones. But they often come at the cost of battery life. ION360 is trying to change that with its ION360 U device - it basically is a case with an attached camera as well as charging capabilities.

All-in-one accessory

What the ION360 U case does is incorporate two 7.4MP cameras and they're located right on top of the phone with 200-degrees lens on each side. Instead of relying on the smartphone battery, it instead it uses a built-in battery inside the case itself so your smartphone battery can be put to other uses. It will even keep the camera charged when it's not being used.

With the direct connection, there's no need to wireless connect - saving even more battery. The included app will also auto-launch the camera, a timesaving measure.

As to what kind of quality you get, expect about 100 minutes of 4K quality video (on a fully charged battery). It also supports livestreaming to YouTube and Facebook, with the latter already giving it Live 360 Ready status to the device.

It's available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus as well as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. You can either purchase it through the ION360 website and in the US, Sprint. The privilege doesn't come cheap - think US$300 (RM1265).

[Source: Digitaltrends]