The Interview rides the controversy train to a cool US$15 million in online takings

The Sony hacking might have embarrassed big-time execs but was a publicist's dream for this movie
The Interview rides the controversy train to a cool US$16 million in online taki

Now that The Interview has been distributed online before it even made it to theatres proper, the hacking scandal the film allegedly caused proved to be a boon for the film as it's already made US$15 million in four days.

Of course people wanted to see if the film really was worth hacking a server for though embarassing the bigwigs at Sony Pictures had to be a bonus.

While US$15 million doesn't seem to be much, that's pretty impressive for an online release. The film appeared on Google Play as well as on YouTube. We presume the film also traversed torrents all over the world.

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The Interview rides the controversy train to a cool US$16 million in online taki

Of course the cynics are wondering if this was all just a publicity stunt. Well, we doubt that embarassing Sony Pictures was part of the deal.

To be honest - the film's rather narrow appeal probably broadened thanks to the widespread news coverage. Reviews for the film have painted it as at best mediocre, at worst racist in its portrayals.

Pretty interesting how what should have been one of the most forgettable films of 2014 probably became the most talked about of the year. The matchup of Seth Rogen and James Franco would have probably attracted a much smaller demographic but thanks to some hackers, people who would have never gone near the movie will see it online.

Apple has also just added the film to its catalogue so you can buy it with your Apple ID if you're keen.

Let's face it - not everyone has the time to go to the cinema. And with people becoming attached to consuming media on their devices, simultaneous release of films online and in theatres could soon be the way forward.

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[Source: Techcrunch]