Internet spoils Instagram's 'surprise' Bolt app?

Signs so far point to Instagram launching a new app, though one wonders why it isn't just integrated as a feature
Internet spoils Instagram's 'surprise' Bolt app?

Screenshots outing what seems to be a new app from shutterlovers favourite, Instagram, have been making the rounds. What can be seen is a link to a free 'one tap photo messaging' app though clicking on the link takes you to nowhere-ville.

Instagram has so far been a one-trick pony and finding increasing competition with other apps that offer the same things it does - photosharing and filters. Twitter and Flickr has also been more aggressive about sharing photos and videos, with even Snapchat getting in on the game.

Teaser or test?

Internet spoils Instagram's 'surprise' Bolt app?

The situation somehow resembles the recent one where Facebook's new app Slingshot was also accidentally outed. Though with Instagram and Slingshot, why would Facebook want to come up with another photo messaging app? Of course there were rumours that Facebook was planning to create a Taptalk competitor but instead we got Slingshot.

TechCrunch's Sarah Perez speculated that it could just be a dummy app and that Bolt isn't real. Perhaps Instagram is testing a new function to place app install ads inside Instagram. Though popular, Instagram is still trying to improve on its monetisation options.

At present moment, Slingshot isn't getting much buzz and its novel featureset has not seen all that much hype. Gimmicks are nice but with more established apps in the market, an app that works on just photo exchanges with not much else going for it is a hard sell.

That brings up the question - why can't the one-tap photo message just be integrated as a feature in Instagram? Is the coding too hard? Would it create difficulties and changes in the app itself?

Looking at how Facebook responded to the Slingshot buzz, there's a likelihood we might see Bolt (if it's real) sooner than later.

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