Intel’s set on creating laptops thinner than an iPad

Plus, they will cost less and be wire free, according to Intel
Intel’s set on creating laptops thinner than an iPad

Intel’s got its plate full when it comes to creating technologies for the future. As if its RealSense project doesn’t seem like something out of Star Trek, the multi-national tech giant has huge plans to downsize the thickness of its laptops.

And by downsize, we don’t mean shaving off an inch or two off its current laptops, we mean shrinking them – to the size of an iPad. That’s what the company’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, said to PCWorld during an interview about its earnings.

Krzanich added that Intel’s currently working on creating chips to meet this prophecy and claimed it shouldn’t be too far into the future before we see this – he expects the first wave of the development to launch as early as this year end.

But before you start picturing thinner than Ultrabook units, we’ll put it out there that Intel’s vision is slightly different than yours. It sees tablets as the substitute to PCs and laptops, so it wants to create these mobile devices in thinner and lighter forms.

Banking on quality control

Intel’s set on creating laptops thinner than an iPad

Quality is also a concern for Intel in creating shrunk laptops – it definitely doesn’t want your unit to look or function any worse than that of a laptop. As such, he said that these paper-thin tablets would feature prolonged battery lives, high-res screens, as well as better Core processors.

Plus, if what it revealed at Computex 2014 is any indication of the near future, they may also come without a web of wires, coupled with Siri-like voice-recognition capabilities, and gesture controlled cameras.

If you think these upcoming units will cost you an arm and a leg (why wouldn’t you, it’s going to be feature packed), you’re in for a surprise. Intel says the devices should cost less than an iPad. 

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[Source: PCWorld