Intel’s purported curved glass smartwatch will be one of luxury

We reckon it’s going to go head to head with Apple’s upcoming wearable device
Intel’s purported curved glass smartwatch will be one for luxury

Intel’s not one to be left behind when it comes to crafting up a smartwatch; just like most of the other tech vendors, the multi-national semi-conductor chip maker’s allegedly got one behind locked doors (for now).

But what’s different from the rest is that it's said to have a curved display like Apple’s purported upcoming smartwatch, and that it might be working with a “partner on [this] high-end wearable device”. Plus, it’s said to be catered to women and it won’t be a fitness trainer, so it could sport a bracelet look.

Sources have it that the techy bracelet will be designed by a fashion house called Opening Ceremony and will be sold at luxury retailer, Barneys New York. If this is the case, we’re hoping that it somehow makes it to this side of the world too.  

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Besides this, other details of how it'll look or its features are scarce, but if it has any basic functionality of smartwatches, it'll at least deliver notifications from texts and social media alerts.

Also, if we’re keeping in mind that it’s made for women, we’re speculating that it'll be less bulky and thinner in form as compared to something like the Samsung Gear 2.

It'll most likely be unveiled in the next month, according to a tipster. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for it at Fashion Week or perhaps, Intel’s annual developer conference. But one thing’s for sure – Intel’s clearly moving beyond just making processors for tech gadgets. Watch this space for more updates on the supposed wearable.  

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