Intel's incredible Edison PC is the size of an SD card

Our minds are blown at the sheer possibilities of Intel’s nano-PC, which brings the Internet of Things closer to reality than ever
Intel's incredible Edison PC is the size of an SD card

Look closely. That's not an SD card. Rather, it's the Intel Edison - a full x86 PC with Pentium-class specs.

Unveiled at CES 2014, the Edison runs on Linux and is powered by Intel’s dual-core Quark system-on-chip processor. One core spins at 400MHz, while the other varies between 50MHz and 200MHz depending on the task's demands. Everything but the kitchen sink fits snugly into this SD card form factor, including 512MB RAM, flash storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE connectivity.

This means smaller and smarter consumer tech is headed your way: it's all part of Intel CEO Bryan Krzanich's plan to make every object smart - particularly those we can wear.

Is that an SD card? No, meet Intel's tiny Edison PC

That's what Edison brings to the table - a PC with full-fledged features, without the associated bulk that’ll make smart gadgets big and clunky.

The functionality was demonstrated by Intel with a US$200 Edison-equipped baby onesie from Rest Devices loaded with sensors, tracking the infant's temperature and pressure.

An Edison-eqipped mug with an LED screen collects the data from the outfit and changes the mug’s 'face' from a smiley green to an angry red when the toddler turns cranky. Intel also showed off an Edison-equipped bottle warmer that activates when the baby stirs from his slumber.

In short, Intel’s Edison is hitting the right notes with the Internet of Things, in a future where just about any device or object - appliances, chairs, wearables - could be equipped with processing capabilities. 

In order to spur the imaginations of developers exploring wearable tech, Intel is also offering US$1.3million in 'Make It Wearable' prizes for gadgets that use Edison to enhance their capabilities. So if you think you can beat the smart onesie, it's time to get making.

Edison will be out 'in the middle' of 2014 for an as-yet unspecified price.

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