Instagram's Archive feature now live for everyone

No unnecessary deleting, keep those photos for posterity

Ever wanted to hide an Instagram photo instead of deleting it? Instagram has finally heard you and added the Archive option.

Why no privacy settings?

Instagram has proved tricky when it came to privacy settings. You either share all your photos publicly or none at all by setting your profile private. And if you want to put a photo in cold storage? You'd have to delete it. No sharing with just friends or a select audience if you're talking about just one photo.

The feature is already live on the latest update of Instagram on Android and iOS. Click on any photo on the top right hand corner, where the '...' is and the Archive option is the first one that pops up.

It's also a neat way for people to cycle through their Instagram displays, allowing for more curated Instagram feeds, which will please influencers. For the rest of us? It'll be a great way to keep that embarassing photo that secretly makes us chuckle but we don't really want to share with, err, everyone.

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[Source: Instagram]