Facebook Looks To Rename Instagram And Whatsapp

Both apps will now feature "from Facebook" at the end of their names.

Gone are the days when Facebook was just a way to connect with friends and family members, Mark Zuckerberg's social media empire has since been a major fixture in everyone's life and has become a nuisance for the US Congress. And now, Facebook is making the move to remind everyone that they have truly taken over the world.

As if the world doesn't know how big Facebook really is, the company is looking to remind everyone that they also own Instagram and Whatsapp. To really hone that in, Facebook is looking to add "From Facebook" at the end of each app's name. Soon, Instagram From Facebook and Whatsapp From Facebook, will be the official names of these apps.

These new names are likely to pop up on IOS and Android devices soon, though ostensibly it wouldn't change the name of the app on your phone's home screen. Rather, you would more likely see the change being made on the app's splash screen whenever you turn on the app.

Overall, this isn't like putting Steven Spielberg or James Cameron's name on every other movie they produce, usually that acts like a marketing ploy to get people into theaters. Facebook doing this with the apps they own might just have the opposite effect on users, or maybe no ffect at all, we'll see.