Instagram videos now autoplay sound with less hassle

It takes just one click now

If you find it tiresome to turn on the sound on your Instagram videos but don't like to have the sound playing all the time, Instagram now has a happy medium.


What happens now with the app is that when you turn on the sound for a video, you won't need to turn it on anymore when you scroll up and down to look at other videos. Previously Instagram would use your device's default settings to determine whether to play sound or not.

The sound will still play according to default device settings when you look at Instagram Stories, however, but that makes sense as people will be expecting video and sound in Stories.

Instagram has noticed how annoying it can be to have to manually turn on the sound for every single video so this feature makes it a lot easier for people who like watching a lot of Instagram video. But it also makes it easy for people to opt-out if they'd rather keep things quiet.

It's these nice little touches that keep Instagram popular even with competition such as Snapchat. The new tweak should already be on the latest Instagram update

[Source: Techcrunch]