Make Your Own Filters On Instagram With Spark AR

Time to make the next dog filter.

Photo filters are part and parcel with Instagram as a platform. Any new filter done right will definitely be the weekly meme, with most users sharing their versions through the Instastory feature. Instagram is doling out a new filter with every other new update, and now, users will finally be able to make their own AR filters for the platform.

Thanks to Facebook’s augmented reality effects tool, Spark AR, any user can now create their own AR filters for use in Instagram Stories. Previously, this tool was only available for certain approved creators, testing out the creation and uploading of custom made filters. Now, through a new update, any Instagram user will be able to make their own filter.

To cultivate and display the creations made by users, Instagram will be adding a “Browse Effects” on the effects tray, which will allow users to search and try out user made filters on their Insta Stories. Your very own creations will be added automatically on your own effects tray.

So if you’re looking to make something even better than the “old” filter that was pretty popular a few weeks ago, then go on to Spark AR to try your hand at making next month’s new meme. If not, just be prepared for the wave of new filters coming out in the coming weeks.