Instagram keeps its Snapchat-style game strong with photo message remixes

You can now edit your friend's photos and send them back and forth with a Direct Remix feature

Remember how people would send each other innocent (and not-so-innocent) photo messages in Snapchat, which the sender could choose to make disappear?

Well, now Instagram lets you have more impermanent fun with its Remix feature that can be used with Instagram's Direct messaging.

Remix time

Instagram Direct lets users send photos directly to their friends instead of posting them as part of their gallery. And the Remix feature now lets you do fun things to the Direct photos you receive from your pals.

Add stickers, text or resize them as you see fit. It's also an interesting way of collaborating with someone online, say if you want someone to see if there's anything to add or tweak on a photo you want to post. This could be mighty useful for brand Instagram accounts.

For users wary about a photo sticking around for too long, you can choose whether or not your recipient will get to see your photo messages just once or more than that by turning on (or off) the Replay capability.

Facebook is really going strong with its Snapchat copying and at this rate, who will actually need Snapchat anymore? Only time will tell how long Snapchat can remain relevant.

[Source: Instagram]