Instagram breaks free from squares, adds portrait and landscape orientations

Instagram now more video-friendly

Instagram just added a new tweak to its app - now it's not just square shaped posts, portrait and landscape orientations are now supported on Instagram.

In a blogpost, Instagram said that it found that "nearly one in five photos or videos people post aren’t in the square format". So the latest update now accommodates portrait or landscape via the format icon.

This will prove especially good for videos that can now be screened in widescreen formats, which look better. All filters will also now work for both photo and video, with the option to adjust the intensity of filters.

The Instagram thumbnails will still be displayed as centre-cropped squares, to keep a clean-looking interface. Expect a lot more variety in your Instagram feed with the changes. Update your app on iOS and Android to try the changes out for yourself.

[Source: Instagram]