Insta-print your smartphone photos with the Prynt case

If you've been holding out on getting a Polaroid, this is the next best thing
Insta-print your smartphone photos with the Prynt case

Photo printers are nice things to have but when you just want to print your smartphone pictures and not have to wait ages, what's a body to do?

Prynt might be the solution for you - it is a phone casing that promises to be able to just print your photos on the fly. Leave your bulky Polaroid cameras at home, just slip this in your pocket instead!

Novel, portable pics

Insta-print your smartphone photos with the Prynt case

How does the case work? The current prototype uses Bluetooth to receive photos from your phone and then prints the photos by heating ink-filled paper. It takes about 50 seconds to print a single photo and can only hold a sheet of a paper at a time.

If it sounds rather rough around the edges, you can look forward to the planned consumer version that will hold 10-30 sheets of paper and take less than 30 seconds to print. The case will also have a direct connection to the smartphone instead of being wireless.

A Kickstarter for the project will be available early next year, with the Prynt going for US$99. Supported phones will be in the 4 to 4.9in screen range but phablet owners, don’t fret. Prynt is working on a mount to support bigger phones.

In case you didn’t think a portable smartphone printer was enough reason to get it, Prynt also has an interesting augmented reality feature. It will capture video at the moment you take a picture with Prynt’s app and that video will be displayed as an overlay when you view the physical photo via your smartphone lens.

Prynt is also working on making it so that a totally different video will display when you’re viewing a Prynt photo and also finding a way of adding a layer of security to the pixels so that a photo of a photo won't display the AR video.

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[Source: Techcrunch]