InkCase turns your iPhone into a Yotaphone

Smart sleeve adds an E Ink second screen to your blower

If you're interested in Yotaphone's crazy, E Ink-packing double-screen system but don't want to give up your iPhone, we've found a case at Mobile World Congress that may have the answer.

The InkCase is a slim, light sleeve that somehow fits an E Ink display into what feels like a regular case. Info from your phone is squirted to the rear screen via Bluetooth 4.0, so it doesn't use much power and won't clog up your Lightning-hole. 

InkCase turns your iPhone into a Yotaphone

Unlike the Yotaphone the InkCase will only display information from the three specific apps made by its manufacturer, Oaxis, so you can't currently read a book on it (the iPhone version is a bit small for that, anyway). There's also a larger version for the Note 2, and Oaxis will be bringing the cases to Europe in a couple of months.

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