Ingress gives you more reason to play with new user-generated missions

A fun way to apply augmented reality, Ingress is a nice way to kill time or burn your smartphone battery
Ingress gives you more reason to play with new user-generated missions

You'll either get Ingress or you don't: this augmented reality app is pretty much the world's largest game of Capture the Flag though in this case it's not flags but portals and it's not one portal but thousands around the world. You choose between two factions, which are the Enlightened and the Resistance and you battle to control territories marked by portals.

It's gone on long enough that now there are clubs and websites dedicated to the game, which was created by Niantic Labs and published by Google. The game's support has matched its popularity as regular update and information is fed by the developers through mission briefings and update, helping make the game a lot more immersive. In its most recent update, players now get to play user-created missions that add more dimension to the game and help it become more accessible to new players.

You there, capture the portal!

Not all users are allowed to create missions, though. From the brief, it seems only more experienced Ingress players will be allowed to create missions though Niantic plans to eventually open up the missions to level five players and above.

Why do the missions matter? They add a new purpose for players, especially those who are either new to it or starting to get bored. What happens is that a mission objective is created and thus you start a walking tour of sorts that has a beginning and end, with the reward being virtual medals.

Each mission will have ratings and estimated completion times so you will know if it's worth your while. This could be a fun way for Ingress users frustrated at the slow levelling time it can take and how difficult it can be for solo players just starting out. Leveling is done by capturing portals or attacking enemy portals and at low levels, it's harder to collect points unless of course you're in an Ingress territory with plenty of people to help weaken portals for you.

So if you spend a lot of time travelling and want to play a game that you can pick up from wherever you left off, then Ingress' low-commitment (though highly battery-sapping) premise just might be for you!

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[Source: Engadget]