Ingress game getting a revamp next year

Ingress Prime will see a new UI and storyline

Niantic’s Ingress was the game maker’s main claim to fame before Pokemon Go and it’s slated to get a major update, coming next year.

The future is AR

Niantic made a fat sum from Pokemon Go and that money is being reinvested into resources such as additional staff. How does this impact Ingress? Whereas the original version was built and managed by a skeleton crew, the coming Ingress Prime update will have dedicated staff.

This comes alongside the news that Niantic will be working on a Harry Potter AR game that looks set to be as big a hit as the Pokemon game.

As you might expect, the update won’t be a simple one - the entire game will see a complete overhaul. The look and feel will change, with an improved UI as well as improved graphics. Also getting a change is the game’s origin story. We can see tweaks to the gameplay as well. Despite the lack of resources afforded to Ingress, the game has managed to retain a strong community base - let’s see if Ingress Prime can build on that as well as bring new players to the fold.                     

[Source: The Verge]