Industry guns back new video game awards

But is a glitzy affair what the industry really needs?
Industry guns back new video game awards

While games being given awards at tech shows or gaming conventions are a norm, it's a big deal when the industry decides to go all out and back an official live awards show.

Simply called The Game Awards, we're seeing names like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo giving their official sanction to the awards night which is happening Dec 5.

Gaming stars, new and old

Industry guns back new video game awards

It makes sense that in an age where Dota 2 Championships make it to ESPN, why not have a big Las Vegas affair to celebrate the best games of the year? With game studios facing challenges staying afloat, with many of them shutting down or swallowed up by the EA behemoth, it's good to give them incentive to keep hanging on.

The show itself will be held at the Axis theatre and you can either buy a ticket to the proceedings or watch it live from the website, Xbox Live, Steam and, we're betting, Twitch.

Its panel of advisors are pretty impressive with names like Hideo Kojima bound to add some credibility to the proceedings.

What to expect on the day? Previews, musical performances and perhaps opportunities for game companies to show off some creativity or at the very least build up excitement for coming titles.

Let's hope that this event will prove far more exciting than Spike TV's VGX.

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[Source: Variety]