Incoming Android Wear updates enable some phone-less features

Plans are afoot to give smartwatches added functionality without a paired phone
Android Wear

Android Wear smartwatches require a paired Android phone to be useful, but Google plans to update the software to provide a couple of handy features that don’t require a nearby device.

Based on an interview with Google’s Android Wear engineering director, David Singleton, CNET notes that a future update will allow a user to store songs on an Android Wear smartwatch and pair a Bluetooth headset to listen without keeping a phone nearby.

Likewise, runners who have an Android Wear device with built-in GPS functionality can track their runs with geolocation data - again, without needing to keep a handset in a pocket.

Several updates are reportedly planned before the end of the year, including one to enable developers to design and release fully supported custom watch faces. The first update is due this week, and will enhance voice control and navigation on the watches.

Of course, the current pool of Android Wear watches is about to expand, as the IFA show in Berlin this week will bring the unveiling of the Asus ZenWatch tomorrow, along with further details on LG’s G Watch R, plus Motorola is likely to share release plans for the Moto 360 at an event in the States on Thursday.

[Source: CNET via The Verge]

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