In Vitro Meat Cookbook gives us a taste of the future of food

Lab-grown burgers are just the beginning – it's time to play with our food

If you like meat and you love the environment, then perhaps you should rethink the future of the meat-munching habit.

In response to research into creating viable lab-grown or 'in vitro' meat, and the tasting of the first RM1,094,000 lab-grown beef burger, the Next Nature Foundation in Amsterdam has produced a cookbook suggesting ways we might consume this future food.

What's the beef?


In a playful effort to bring people around to the possibilities of lab-grown meat – rather than the knee-jerk yuck factor – the book suggests a variety of ways the new form of meat might be served.

The recipes were dreamt up at the Next Nature Lab at Eindhoven Technical University and include meat paint, meat ice cream, steaks knitted like scarves and 'revived dodo wings'.

You can see full details and buy a copy of the book for €20 (RM88) on Indiegogo, though it may be a while before you can actually cook any of the dishes inside.

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