In a dark and secret lab, apps are being tweaked for the Apple Watch

Despite all the secrecy, it looks confirmed that the watch will launch with established apps like Facebook

The Apple Watch will be appearing soon it seems, in the meantime, Apple has allowed partners to work on the apps for the watch at its headquarters.

Social network giant Facebook has been spotted at Apple’s secret labs, along with BMW and United Continental Holdings, says Bloomberg.

The secret Apple Watch lab has no Internet, no clearance for outside materials and even the app source code created isn’t allowed to leave the premises.

Analysts are upbeat on the coming watch, with estimates that Apple could sell up to 30 million watches in 12 months.

Android Wear killer?

Apple has also been busy, apparently, suggesting to developers just what kind of apps would be best. No overfrequent notifications that will drain batteries and annoy wearers. Apple’s suggestion: make apps designed to be used for no more than 10 seconds at a time.

Other challenges with the watch include dealing with lag caused by the Bluetooth connection between the watch and iPhones (required to use the watch).

Still, it is really going to be all about the apps ready for the platform. Expect an Apple Watch version of Instagram as well as Twitter and Pinterest apps. Still, some developers are holding off to see whether the smartwatch would be the success Apple is hoping for.

With all the buzz around the product, it would be interesting to see if the Apple Watch will outdo all the current smartwatches already out on the market. Will a locked in device that works with only one platform do better than all of the Android Wear devices out there? Don't discount the company that somehow made tablets sexy where Microsoft failed.

[Source: Bloomberg]