In a distant future, yelling at your smartphone could bring it back to life

Nokia and Queen Mary University of London have collaborated to enable voices to charge our phones
In future, you can yell to charge your smartphone

It’s very common to see people yelling at their mobile phones each time they get low on battery juice, but what if you could yell at it to charge your phone? Interesting concept isn’t it?

That’s the idea researchers are working on for the future – scientists at the Queen Mary University of London have joined forces with Nokia to make this brainchild a reality and create a prototype charger that reloads the battery of a smartphone using your voice, music, or even background noise.

Smartphone battery life has always been one of the top causes for concern for users regardless of the brand or platform of their mobiles. But now, with this concept, they’ll be able to extend their battery life, or eradicate batteries completely by taking advantage of this stray energy.

There's science in tech too

How it works is that a type of nanotechnology called nanorods is used to make electrical energy that responds to the vibrations of sound. But don’t think this idea is far from creation. Thus far, the researchers have managed to generate five volts of energy, enough to charge one phone, on their tests.

Although, it is worth taking note that the researchers claim even if sound-powered devices could substitute conventional chargers, the sound vibrations might not be able to create enough energy to completely rid current charging methods.

This isn’t the first time that a sound-charging phone idea’s been brought up – a bunch of Korean researchers were the first to reveal this in 2011. But considering that this is the first time a technology company is involved, we feel that the chances for success have multiplied.

And Nokia might be able to redeem its place as one of the top smartphone vendors if it’s the first to have this feature in its smartphones. We’re already frothing over the idea of it. 

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[Source: Huffington Post