IKEA Announces That They Are Focusing On Smart Home Devices

Soon, all your IKEA furniture will be connected to the Internet.

Smart home devices have become commonplace; from AI assistants and even smart refrigerators being able to connect seamlessly to the world wide web, our devices are becoming more and more integrated by the day. With most consumers getting their furniture from IKEA, it’s about time that they’re taking Smart devices much more seriously.

IKEA actually got their start with Smart devices back in 2012, with some of their products featuring digital elements. By 2015, the company has released lamps and tables that can wirelessly charge Qi-enabled devices, and in 2017 they also experimented with smart lighting solutions. This year, the company is set to release their line of inexpensive smart speakers, in collaboration with audio specialist SONOs.

Now, IKEA is introducing a whole new Smart Home division within the company as one of their major business units, which includes other segments of the business like Textile, Kitchen And Dining, and IKEA Food. The Head of the new IKEA Home smart Business Unit at IKEA of Sweden, will be Björn Block, who notes that the company is just getting started on what they can do 


So far, the company’s first forays into Smart devices have been only available in the West. Hopefully with this heightened focus and reshuffling of their business units, would mean that Malaysia will finally get IKEA’s suite of Smart devices.