iflix premieres its first original show with 'Oi! Jaga Mulut'

The new comedy show promises uncensored, original local content

It's about time: iflix has just announced its first Malaysian original show in 'Oi! Jaga Mulut'

NSFW Seven part mayhem

The seven part series goes online Mondays, from 4pm onwards. 

It also has an Indonesian counterpart called Oi! Jaga Lambe and in the Philippines it is called Huy! Bibig Mo. 

Why tune in? iflix promises to offer "only the sharpest, funniest comedians" with names such as Joanne Kam, Papi Zak and Jon Atherton making an appearance.Think of it as being able to have a local comedy club, playing right in your living rooom, with local comic Haniff Hamzah hosting.

Check out the show on iflix, from this week onwards.