iflix makes bingewatching easier with curated Playlists feature

Your weekend plans are absolutely sorted

If you sometimes find yourself unsure about what to watch on iflix, the service has just the solution. Its new Playlists feature now offers curated playlists to help you get started on your TV show marathons.

With Playlists, you can choose from either curated celebrity playlists or a host of iflix-selected collections, making it easy for people with specific contest tastes.

iflix's celebrity playlists work a lot like Apple's 'follow' feature where you can click on a celebrity curator's profile to 'follow' their selections. Once you follow a celebrity, their viewing playlist is automatically added to your own personal playlist.

The Collections are themed, with picks that will appeal to specific favourites. For instance, the Bromance collection will have pairings of famous male stars: think Starsky & Hutch and Dude, Where's My Car.

As for celebrities, there's quite a mix from TV stars, DJs and known entrepreneurs.The feature is already available for iflix subscribers, who can start using it by logging into iflix in their browsers or on the mobile apps.