iflix announces even more content with new channels galore

Admit it, your inner couch potato is weeping in joy at all the new reasons to never leave the house

If you felt the iflix catalogue needed expanding, your wish has been granted. The streaming service has now added new on-demand content for you to browse and purchase at leisure.

Channels for your consumption

How does it work? Well, the new Channels will offer various offerings from local, regional and international sources.

For instance, via the tvN Movies channel, you'll have access to hits such as Train to Busan and A Werewolf Boy, while Aniplus will offer cult faves such as Attack on Titan and Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls From A Dungeon.

To make it easier to find binge-worthy content, there are also now curated channels with specific genres, such as Tempatan (for local fare) and Action (for your standard butt-kicking watches, including Pearl Harbour and the entire Expendables trilogy).

All this content will be available in HD and with improved sound. Check out the new content at iflix if you're curious.