IFA 2014 will house LG’s new circular faced Android Wear

LG’s giving the Motorola Moto 360 a run for its money with a similar wearable smartwatch
IFA 2014 will house LG’s new circular faced Android Wear

The soon-to-be launched Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch got a bulk of the limelight when it was announced at Google’s I/O developer conference sometime in June this year, predominantly because of its circular watch face.

And LG now wants a bite of that attention pie – it’s crafting up a round-faced smartwatch too and it won’t be long before you get to strap it on your wrists. The South Korean tech conglomerate has officially released a teaser on one of its official YouTube accounts, giving us a sneak peek of its upcoming Android Wear.

On a side note, this wearable device isn’t the first from the tech vendor – it only recently went to market with its G Watch, and yet, we’re already up for a second-gen model.

“Round the corners, round the bends, and feel the gap for a perfect circle” the trailer states before showcasing quick flashes of what the new wearable, reportedly named the G Watch R, could look like.

How long a wait is it?

It also revealed that the smartwatch is “coming soon”, most likely to be revealed at IFA 2014 happening in Berlin between 5-10 September, if you go by what’s on the trailer.

If LG does out the purported smartwatch then, we think it’s going to go into serious competition with the highly anticipated and long awaited Moto 360. It could be a sly take at Motorola because its Moto 360 isn’t exactly fully circular (it apparently goes “edge to edge except for one small cutout at the bottom”).  

The video also speedily showcases various layouts, face designs, and a bunch of features such as a compass and a step counter. But no other details about the specifications of the wearable device was disclosed in the trailer, so we’ve to wait for the event itself to find out what exactly the wearable can do. 

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[Source: TechHive