IDC numbers spell trouble for PC segment

Number-crunching by the research firm reveals a double-digit drop for PC shipments. Time to write an eulogy for your faithful desktop
IDC numbers spell trouble for PC segment

It’s official - the end of the PC era is looming even closer.

Research firm IDC went through the shipment numbers for the ailing desktop and laptop segment in 2013, reporting a 10% year-on-year drop. First thoughts? It doesn’t look rosy for PC makers.

This is the first time PC shipments have seen a double-digit hit. The declining demand for PCs have been accelerated by the growth of smartphones and tablets as our daily work tool and even bedside companion. Obviously, it’s nigh impossible to hug your laptop to sleep, even with a MacBook Air.

Smartphones and tablets, however, won’t totally obliterate the PC segment. For work, they’ve proved competent for simple word processing and photo editing tasks. Gamers, on the other hand, will maintain their faithful relationship with PCs to enjoy blockbuster titles that require the raw power of dedicated gaming laptops and desktops.

That said, it’s not too early to give your PCs a final, loving look, scrub it down and squeeze that last bit of digital juice out of it, before you send them to gadget heaven.

[Source: TechInAsia]