Iconic A-Bike gets an electric kickstart

Are “bikes” electric? (This one is)

Tiny road or big bike?

Ah, one of life’s fundamental dilemmas is that. But, no, it’s not a big bike. It’s a bike, and an A-Bike is what it is, and a big deal too because it’s the first electric version.

It’s being Kickstartered into existence – or rather, we should say it has been Kickstartered into existence because while there are several weeks left on the campaign, there are backers to the tune of over 150% already queued up for a go. The early bird deals are all gone - now you're looking at £590 (about RM3500) or more for fantastic folding fun.

Is it designed for humans? It looks… weird.

Pot kettle black, lad. Of course it’s designed for humans. The original A-Bike, pictured below, was designed by none other than the mighty Sir Clive Sinclair, British inventor of futuristic consumables such as the ZX Spectrum and the Sinclair C5.

The A-Bike was designed to be your tiny-two-wheeled transport between train and desk. This new electric version is designed for the same user scenario, but with a dollop less graft.

It doesn’t look very powerful.

Yeah? Well, a butterfly can fly yet can't make butter, so don’t trust your eyes with everything you see, youngling.

Uh, what?

Fifteen miles! That’s the approximate range of the 12kg A-Bike Electric – depending on how much of its 12.5mph top speed you use, depending on whether you live up Alpe d’Huez and depending on how much of a lardy tot you are. And, frankly, if it’s that sort of distance between the station and your office, then you’ve probably got off at the wrong stop.