iBlazr 2 promises to be the LED flash you've been waiting for

Wireless flash promises to work with native camera apps

Camera attachments are old hat as phone accessories these days but the iblazr 2 has promise, The wireless flash attachment for iOS and Android phones has a 25 metre range, while letting you adjust colour temperature in the range of 3200K to 5600K. Not bad for a tiny attachment.

The iBlazr 2 uses Bluetooth to connect to phones and combines not one but four LEDs for a pretty bright (think 300 Lux) flash. You can also connect more than one iBlazr 2 to your phone for more lighting options.

What it also fits in the tiny frame is a 130mAh battery that comes with a flexible charger and claims to provide at least 300 flashes per charge.

Currently on Kickstarter, its campaign is already fully-funded so you can grab one for US$45. It comes in three colours to choose from: black, pearl grey and white.