Hyundai Develops Fingerprint Technology That Allows You To Unlock And Start Cars

Full access to your car with only the touch of your fingertip

Using fingerprints to unlock phones can now be considered passé with what Hyundai has unveiled.

Hyundai Motors has announced their development of a car system that allow drivers to unlock and start their cars with their fingerprints. Drivers can register their fingerprints to the car before using the system which will be located on door handles and its ignition button, and it is also possible to register multiple users who’ll be sharing the same vehicle. On top of that, depending on the identified fingerprint, the car will automatically adjust seat positions as well as the angle of the rearview mirrors, among other things.

While not a first for the automotive industry, the car maker will be the first to implement the technology on door handles which was previously considered challenging due to security and durability concerns. Hyundai stated that its system uses human's capacitance; the fingerprint sensor differentiates between the electricity levels in various parts of the finger to prevent hacking or forged fingerprints, and is claimed to have an error rate of 1 in 50,000.

The system will be installed in the 2019 Santa Fe with the aim of launching in China during the first quarter next year.