The Hyperkin Smart Boy transforms your Android phone into a Game Boy

Accessory even accepts Game Boy cartridges old school style

If you've been hankering for the glory days of Nintendo's handhelds and don't see the point of getting a Nintendo DS, then Hyperkin knows you. Its Smart Boy is a fun add-on case for your Android phone that will make it look like a Game Boy and even use Game Boy cartridges.

Besides being able to accept Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges, the Smart Boy also boasts a double-side micro-USB port.

Hyperkin is marketing the Smart Boy Developer Kit to developers to get their participation in helping make the device retail-ready.

The kit is being sold for US$59.99 (RM245) on the website and is expected to ship 1 December 2016. Head on over to the site if you think you have it in you to tweak the device or if you just want to get it early.

[Source: Gizmodo]