Hyperkin plans to bring back the Game Boy

The Ultra Game Boy improves upon the original while maintaining the classic experience

Remember Hyperkin? They first came up with the Smart Boy – that helped convert your smartphone into a Game Boy equivalent. Now the company’s recreating the Game Boy, but with some tweaks.

Nintendo nostalgia

The working name for the new device is the Ultra Game Boy. It uses the Game Boy’s original dials – such as the ones for contrast and volume. But there will be an added third dial for adjustments to the handheld’s backlit LCD display.

The Ultra Game Boy will be made of aluminium as opposed to the original’s plasticky surface. You also get a USB-C port for charging, a built-in six-hour battery, stereo speakers as well as audio-out connections.

The release date is targeted for around late summer this. Price-wise, it will cost below US$100 (RM400). There won’t be any games included but it will work with classic Game Boy cartridges. We'll update once the details are confirmed, such as if it will play Game Boy Color cartridges as well.

[Source: Gizmodo]