Hyper-realistic Mario is oddly fascinating

Hobbyist recreates our favourite plumber in glorious HD

E3 2015 was a sad time for Nintendo fans. No Zelda, no Nintendo NX, and a host of gimmicks that failed to distract from the company's hollow offerings. Here's a little something to restore some of that missing joy.

3D artist Aryok Pinera has taken matters into his own hands: Nintendo hasn't give him the good stuff, so he's made it himself.

The result is this awe-inspiring experiment which sees Mario recreated in the Unreal 4 engine with hyper realistic environments. Jaw meet floor. Floor meet jaw.

That lighting. Those textures. It's a hyper-realistic aesthetic that Nintendo would never adopt, and maybe that's why it's so mystifyingly watchable. 

Pinera recreated the character model and animations of Mario from scratch, and arrived at a finished product that is as Nintendo as a malign mushroom.

Watch to the end of the video and you'll see how faithfully the animations match those in Mario 64. If someone isn't getting hired because of this then we'll eat our hats. 

Sadly, this video has stolen our heart more than any authentic Nintendo content for a while. Hopefully there are employees on the inside watching on and taking note.

[via Tech Radar]