Hush, the earplugs that promise to shut out the world while you sleep

If you deem noise-cancelling earplugs a must at night, these might just entice you

Something you might have missed out on Kickstarter: Hush, the supposed ultimate in sleep companion earplugs. It blocks out unwanted noise and yet makes sure you don't miss your alarm.

Of course, an app

How does Hush work? The headphones don't work like noise-cancelling headphones, instead relying on a combo of foam and ambient noise played to you from an app. So you don't accidentally strangle yourself in your sleep, Hush works via Bluetooth.

You can also set filters so texts won't beep and disturb your sleep, but you will hear important alarms. Hush claims to be able to last at least 8 hours, the optimum amount of sleep for most people.

Hush isn't meant to replace your regular headphones, being created expressly as a sleeping aid to help especially light sleepers or those sharing a bed with a snoring partner. Now US$150 seems like a lot to us, but it might seem cheap to those who are in desperate sleep debt.

Sadly, the Kickstarter's long over but you can subscribe to the mailing list and find out when you can order a little Hush to keep you company at night.

[Source: Digitaltrends]