Hulu won't let you bingewatch its new shows

Never mind, there's still Netflix

Hulu is taking a peculiar stance with its new shows, no bingewatching - instead just feeding one episode per week like normal TV programming. But people who would be happy with just normal TV wouldn't be subscribing to Hulu now, would they?

The excuse? "We want to give viewers the opportunity to discover their favorite shows every week,” said Hulu’s head of content Craig Erwich.

Shows this would apply to are newer ones such as The Awesomes, The Mindy Project, Difficult People, Rocketjump: The Show, The Hotwives Of Las Vegas, and Casual. Everything older, you can still queue and watch all at one go.

This is unlikely to make its subscribers very happy and thus we wouldn't be surprised if quite a few of them decide to move over to Netflix instead.

[Source: Gizmodo]