Huion's wireless graphic tablets would make designers very happy

New tablets include a USB Type-C port

Huion's graphic tablets are pen-enabled optimised devices for graphic design, that might give Wacom a run for its money.

2048 levels of sensitivity

Huion's latest tablets have options for both the budget-conscious and the more discerning. The Inspiroy G10T packs in a 5080LPI display with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, with a 2500mAh battery that's rated for 40 hours.

It's sold for US$139.99 (RM580) and is on presale for 20 per cent off, valid until its official sale date on 26 October.

The higher-end Huion KAMVAS GT-156HD has a huge 15.6in Full HD display with a three-in-one HDMI, power and USB cable as well as 14 express keys, 2048 levels of sensitivity, an adjustable multi-angle holder and an AG glass cover but despite all this, weighs only 1.5kg but it also costs US$699 (RM2885).

These tablets are compatible with both Windows and Macs and both have rechargeable styli.

Head over to the official website to order.

[Source: Gizmochina]