Huawei's Nova 2i to make grand entrance 26 September

The Nova 2i will show off dual cameras on both the rear and front

It's pretty soon but Huawei's about to launch its next smartphone here. If you think dual-cameras in the back aren't enough, the the Huawei Nova 2i adds them to the front as well.

Cameras everywhere

Besides all the cameras, there's not much else known about the new phone. It's said to be fairly affordable, somewhere around the RM2000 mark and would have an all-screen display.

The phone would be quite the interesting midrange option if the price manages to stay in that price range, though it would also be heavy competition for Huawei's own phones. It's interesting as to why Huawei wants to have so many phones in the midrange category with such similar pricing.

Still, stiffer competition in the midrange Android competition can only be good for consumers. So look out for our writeup once the phone officially goes live in Malaysia.