Huawei’s Consumer Business Product and Strategy Virtual Launch Set on 24 February 2020

Find out what Huawei has in store

Even with MWC 2020 cancelled, the show must go on for many tech companies who have planned some great product reveals lined up. As such, Huawei has announced their live stream which will be a virtual launch on 24 February 2020, 9pm here in Malaysia.

The lives stream is taking place in Barcelona, Spain, and you can watch it on Huawei's official Facebook and YouTube pages. While Huawei didn't mention any specific product, we're expecting some announcement on the Huawei P40 series with it being the flagship from Huawei.

Other live streams from Spain to look out for include realme and Huawei's very own Honor. Be sure to bookmark the live stream and put it down your calendar if you're keen to see what's being announced.