Huawei’s Capture the Wonder of Light teaser shows promise

Huawei's going all out to keep people interested in its upcoming Ascend P8

Huawei recently released a teaser for the official launch of the company’s new flagship, the Huawei P8, which is to take place in London on the the 15th of April and is creating a lot of hype. The video features a mysterious hooded man all dressed in black walking around the world who takes light from all around him and all the light finally rests in a box in his palms.

Looks like a good camera

From the hints that we have gathered from the video, titled “Capture the Wonder of Light”, the P8 may offer better low light video and picture capability. The device is rumoured to be installed with a 13MP main camera and may be fitted with a 5.2inch 1080p display, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage.

Lately, insider info claimed that a yet-to-be announced Kirin 935 chipset may be installed in the P8. And the battery inside is a 2600mAh unit battery, that goes along with their extended battery life promise that has been subtly marketed in the campaign for the P8.

What could also be speculated is that P8’s “stronger screen” was highlighted, probably indicating the use of the latest Gorilla Glass 4. The price for the new P8 may also be an attractive point.