Huawei will soon be competing with Samsung with a new stylus-toting phablet

Perhaps the first real Note competitor?

Of all companies, who would have guessed that Huawei will be the phone maker that is planning to go head to head with Samsung’s Note 5 stylus-toting device. The Chinese company announced that it is currently in the works of developing their very one phablet that utilises a stylus.

It is reported that Huawei has been searching around for a stylus manufacturer that can provide the type of functions that can compete with Samsung’s S Pen and it is alleged that they have already found a provider. The new phablet will also be using “palm rejection” technology which ignore the touch from your hands/palms when the stylus is on the display or within the proximity of the display.

There is a huge market that is constantly growing for phablets and especially for those that utilise a stylus which may be why Huawei is making a move into that section of the market.


[source : GSMArena]