New Huawei Phones May Feature Under-Display Cameras According To New Patent

Patents reveal Huawei’s latest innovations.

The future of smartphones are a little fuzzy at this point; the well of innovation has run a little dry. Smartphone manufacturers are trying everything from adding as many cameras as possible to racing each other to launch the first foldable smartphone. Huawei seems to be joining the fray of under-display cameras alongside rivals, Samsung and OPPO.

As revealed by German website Winfuture, Huawei has submitted a patent to the German Patent And Trademark Office, which describes a whole new user interface with space for a camera that lies beneath the display of the smartphone. Huawei’s patents show a circular area reserved for the camera which, while integrated directly under the display surface, does not completely lose its functionality.

The photos from the patents shows the camera superimposed on the home screen of the icons from the notification bar and depending on the app,  with other icons during active use of the phone outside the camera app. The patent also shows how the interface will look like during a phone call and while using the camera app.

Other smartphone manufacturers have also been looking into making all-new user interfaces for under-display cameras, with Oppo recently showcasing their version of the tech at MWC Shanghai, and even Vivo and Xiaomi have prototypes as well. Huawei is the first to actually patent this new tech. Hopefully we’ll see it come to fruition soon enough.