Huawei to show off new AI, revamped interface with Huawei Mate 10

Huawei's next flagship promises to be one to look out for

Huawei decided to reveal key details about its upcoming flagship phones in a special briefing this week. While not revealing all the specs, there were enough juicy details shared to make the prospect of the Huawei Mate 10 very promising.

Going big on AI

In a session with Huawei's Vice President of its handset group, Bruce Lee, key details were shared about what looks to be Huawei's most exciting handset yet.

As to the display, while the exact size wasn't revealed. Lee said that it would be large and yet compact. Lee also revealed that the Huawei UI would be getting a refresh.

What was most interesting was Lee's comments on AI. Lee said that Huawei was keen on "shifting the standards" where AI was concerned.

According to Lee, the AI would not be relying purely on the cloud, instead shifting to including more localised processing. Lee said that Huawei's flagship AI would also benefit from machine learning capability.

Lee did confirm two crucial specs: the processor, which would be the Kirin 970 and also that the Mate 10 would have a USB Type-C port.

The phone will also be optimised to reduce battery consumption while still offering a performance upgrade from its current flagship range.

While the exact specifications of its camera weren't revealed, Huawei did confirm that it planned to continue on with its partnership with Leica. 

The exact debut date of the new smartphone is unknown but an October date seems most likely, considering its main competitors (Apple and Samsung) will have launched their own flagships by then.

Let's see if Huawei's Mate can be an exciting addition to its current lineup.