Huawei sells 20 million smartphones after aping Xiaomi

From 1 million to 20 million in a year is no small feat and Huawei's found its market by going online
Huawei sells 20 million smartphones after aping Xiaomi

The numbers are out and Huawei is looking good with a remarkable increase in sales - from 1 million to 20 smartphones in a year. At least that's what Reuters reported recently.

Huawei is following in the footsteps of rival Xiaomi in hawking its phones online, with its popular Honor 6 octa-core phone being sold from its own virtual storefront.


No gimmicks, just sell 'em

Huawei sells 20 million smartphones after aping Xiaomi

Unlike Xiaomi, though, Huawei does not rely too much on gimmicks or fanfare. Besides its storefront, Huawei also aggressively ties up with local online retailers in other markets to push sales of the phone.

It perhaps also helps that its Honor range has dropped the Huawei brand name and are distributed independently from other Huawei-made models.

Huawei while making ‘okay’ phones in the past needed to unburden the Honor line from expectations set by its previous, far less exciting models.

The strategy seems to be working as Gartner data shows Huawei beat Xiaomi to number three in global market share.

Lenovo is apparently also going to follow its compatriots by selling models online. The company recently launched its Vibe X2, a close competitor to the Honor 6.

Huawei’s latest target is to hit the high-end segment where the money really is. And that means Europe. We’ll bet on a big update to the Honor 6 phone, likely with a major price update to boot.

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[Source: Reuters]