Huawei Relisted On SD Association And Many More

Things are starting to look up for Huawei

It wasn't too long ago that Huawei had been delisted from many associations that made it look impossible for the company to continue manufacturing smartphones. Well, things are finally looking up for them. 

After being delisted from the SD Association, Huawei has now been relisted. According to a Huawei representative, their membership wasn't necessarily cancelled, but was “temporarily modified to ensure compliance with the US Department of Commerce order”. 

When we reported it last week, we mentioned that while the SD Association never made an official announcement, the sudden and silent disappearance of Huawei's name from the list was a clear indication. Now, suddenly and silently once more, the company's name is back.


This means that Huawei can continue to make SD memory cards within their smartphones without any issues. When Huawei was originally delisted, any smartphones they would make in the future could not have an SD card option. 

But even then, Huawei was already prepared to be delisted as they had already introduced their own NM card and even their flagship smartphones like the Honor 20 and P30 series no longer offer microSD card expansion. The microSD card option is currently limited to its budget smartphone range which usually costs less than MYR1,000. 

Huawei’s membership with Bluetooth SIG, WiFi Alliance and Jedec has also been restored, meaning future Huawei devices could possibly have access to connectivity and hardware features developed by these companies. It was confirmed that the Chinese brand was initially removed to comply with the US government order but “without revoking Huawei Technologies membership”. At the time of writing, Huawei is now back on the membership list.

The same can be said for the company’s relationship with Google, where Huawei’s Mate20 Pro has been reinstated in the list of devices participating in the Android Q beta program. While this is indeed good news for the Chinese company, the future of Huawei devices retaining Android as their primary operating system is still unknown for now. 

There's no clear indication as to why things changed within the span of this week; it could be due to the 90-day delay. Since it’s back on the list though, it looks like Huawei can breathe a sigh of relief for their smartphone and laptop production.