Huawei pulling a Xiaomi with its Honor 4x flash sale

For RM619, the Honor 4x has some pretty sweet specs. But you might just be better off getting the Honor 6

Perhaps trying to drum up interest in its midrange phone on a budget phone, the Honor 4x, Huawei is having a quick flash sale today at 3.08pm on its Malaysian webfront. Only 3,000 units of the phone will be on sale. At least Huawei is being upfront about how many models it has to sell so there won't be any 'we're sold out of our very limited stocks which we won't exactly disclose' nonsense Xiaomi was pulling last year.

Do you want it enough?

Now how do you get in on the deal. Head to the Huawei storefront, called Vmall here. Register by signing up or just using your Facebook login and then wait for 3.08pm.

Is the Honor 4X worth the hype? It's another octa-core phone but it uses the octa-core Kirin 620 chipset, a decidedly midrange processor as compared to Huawei's octa-core 920. But what the Honor 4x have for it is a 13MP camera, a sizeable 3000mAh battery,  5.5-inch IPS screen, 2GB of RAM, dual sim slots and a microSD slot.

For RM619, that's not a bad deal. Huawei is also selling accessories for it including a cover and screen protectors as third-party accessory options will be a little lacking. For nearly RM400 more, you'd get flagship specs on the Honor 6 phone but if you want a bargain phone that doesn't suck then maybe the Honor 4X could be the spare phone you didn't know you needed.