BREAKING: HUAWEI P30 Pro Selling At Only RM12 For 12.12 Event

Will there be enough for everyone???

You've read that right, the HUAWEI P30 Pro is really going to be sold at only RM12 this 12 December 2019 at 12AM sharp. Indeed, it's part of HUAWEI's 12.12 sales event, which gives some of the best discounts on all kinds of HUAWEI products. You can visit the event website and online store here:

While the prospect of buying the Huawei P30 Pro at RM12 would delight any anyone (or more accurately everyone), the caveat is that there are only 3 units that will go on sale at 12AM sharp as part of the highly limited Flash Deals.

Would you give it a try?

Other Flash Deals

So maybe the idea of getting the HUAWEI P30 Pro at RM12 is a little bit too good to be true? Well, there are other flash deals happening at the same time at 12AM of 12 December 2019, which are:

FreeBuds Lite, 5 units 

Backup Storage, 48 units 

Mate20 Pro Flip Cover (Deep Blue)

AM116 Earphone

AM08 Swan Bluetooth Speaker (Gold)

P10 Plus Flip Cover (Light Grey)

P10 Flip Cover (Light Grey)

P10 Lite Flip Cover (Light Grey)

AP555 Micro USB and Type C Cable 1.5M (White)

AP31 QuickCharge Car Charger

CF33 Moonlight Selfie Stick (Black and White)

CP60 Wireless Charger

CP37 Super Charge Car Charger 2

P30 Pro Snorkeling Case 

For those whose quantity isn't mentioned, perhaps there are ample units to be sold at RM12. Here's the standalone webpage for the flash deals:

Huge Price Slash

Aside from the impossible RM12 promotions, HUAWEI will be slashing a huge chunk off the original prices of certain products. Particularly, the Mate20 Pro will be going on sale for only RM1212. 

Additionally, there are RM200 vouchers to be claimed while certain purchases will entail free gifts.

There is quite a bit going on, which is hard to translate everything here, so it's best for you to head over to their campaign website at: 

If you're going for the P30 Pro at RM12, remember that the deal is only happening at 12AM sharp on 12 December 2019, which is midnight of 11 December. There are only 3 units so prayers to the tech gods are much needed. Good luck!