Huawei Secretly Built North Korea’s Wireless Network

Will Huawei ever be in the clear?

When Huawei was caught in a web of regulations and bans from the Trump Administration, it was a breath of relief to know that the company is allowed to continue business operations in the US after the G20 summit. But of course not everything is in the clear, as now the Chinese mobile manufacturer is in trouble again.

Based on an exposé by the Washington Post, leaked documents show that Huawei has been developing North Korea’s commercial wireless network for the past 8 years. These developments were done in partnership with Panda International Information Technology Co. Ltd, a Chinese state-owned firm. Detailed spreadsheets, work orders, and contracts have been supplied to the Washington Post by an ex-Huawei employee, with the condition of anonymity of course.

The evidence is unsurmountable, if anything, the repercussions will probably bring about an even stricter ban on Huawei and their products in the US. There's no word on whether Huawei has used components made in the US as part of their developmental deals in North Korea, but if they did, then they are in clear violation of US sanctioned laws against North Korea. The US Justice Department had previously charged Huawei for bank fraud and violations in regards to the US’s sanctions against Iran, so presumably the same will happen now that the info is out.

Overall, Huawei seems to be digging themselves into more and more trouble, providing a lot of tension between the United States of America, China, and now, North Korea. Hopefully Russia isn’t involved , or we might see a major issue occurring between several world powers  all because of the people who made the Mate 20 Pro.