Huawei Mate 30 Pro Will Have A Nearly 90-degree Curved Screen

A new leak emerges on Huawei’s next big smartphone.

Huawei’s next big flagship smartphones are still on the horizon, but that hasn’t stopped people from taking a peek at this exciting step up from the Mate 20. While most leaks cover the biggest aspect of the phone, that being the rumoured quad-camera setup. This latest leak gives a whole new perspective on how the Mate 30 Pro might look and function.

Now, curved sides on a smartphone isn’t anything new, but these new leaks seems to show a radical change in design with an almost 90-degree curve for the Mate 30 Pro. With the OLED screen expected at 6.71-inches wide, the leaked photos shows the sides of the screen to go down 90-degrees down to the back of the phone, giving the phone presumably an entirely rectangular shape and having most of the phone covered by the OLED screen.

This begs the question on whether the Mate 30 Pro will have the usual side buttons, like the volume rocker and power button, omitted from its design. One possibility is that these buttons will be completely digital, or the physical buttons will be placed right beneath the screen, though that might make the phone too thick. Earlier leaked renders have shown off the usual side buttons in their place, but those might not be finalised renders.

Hopefully another leak might actually show off the completed and confirmed design of the Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro. For now, the assorted leaks we do have are our closest look at Huawei’s next great flagship smartphone.